Ashwini Oruganti

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Kneel And Disconnect: Getting The Fastest Connection Out Of A Hostname
PyCon US 2014
Ashwini Oruganti
Recorded: April 12, 2014Language: English

Did you know that when you resolve a hostname, you can get multiple addresses back, and pick any one to connect to? Some of these addresses will connect near instantly, while others might take a long time or time out. This talk is about a Twisted endpoint API I built that takes a hostname, and returns the connection that takes the least time to complete, from the list of resolved host addresses.

Twisted Logic: Endpoints and Why You Shouldn't Be Scared of Twisted
PyCon US 2013
Ashwini Oruganti
Recorded: March 15, 2013Language: English

This talk will be a survey of my learning experience adding new endpoint APIs to Twisted, an event-driven networking engine (as a Google Summer of Code project), with a special focus on the analysis of some of the horror stories that surround Twisted. Right from the asynchronous I/O model to Deferreds: if it scares you, we’ll figure a way out and see what the makers of Twisted say when confronted.