Mark Florisson

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Numba: A Dynamic Python compiler for Science
PyCon US 2013
Mark Florisson , Travis Oliphant
Recorded: March 16, 2013Language: English

Numba is a compiler for Python syntax that uses the LLVM library and llvmpy to convert specifically decorated Python functions to machine code at run-time. It allows Python syntax to be used to do scientific and numerical computing that is blazing fast yet tightly integrated with the CPython run-time.

Python beyond the CPU
PyCon US 2013
Andy Terrel , Mark Florisson , Travis Oliphant
Recorded: March 13, 2013Language: English

Accelerators are the hottest tool in high performance computing but applicable to all fields. We present how to use Python's amazing ability to abstract away the low-level boiler-plate code turning accelerators from an exotic curiosity to a daily tool.