Alexandra Strong

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Lessons Learned in Teaching Python
PyCon US 2013
Alexandra Strong , Christine Cheung
Recorded: March 16, 2013Language: English

Sharing what you know with others is an extremely rewarding experience, and may challenge and develop your knowledge of Python.

I will share my teaching experiences; covering venues, materials, lesson plans, technical difficulties, engagement, and more.

If you've considered teaching Python, this talk will give you insight into what it takes to keep your students engaged, and have some fun.

Python for Programmers: A Project-Based Tutorial
PyCon US 2013
Alexandra Strong , Christine Cheung , Katharine Jarmul
Recorded: March 13, 2013Language: English

Are you a Python-curious programmer? Learn by writing your first project! You'll build a complete quiz creation web application. We will cover topics from data structures and classes, to debugging and testing.

Before the day of the workshop, you will need to have Python 2.7, CherryPy, IPython, and Jinja2 installed. Alternatively, you may arrive at the venue an hour early to receive assistance.