Edward Schofield

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Modern scientific computing and big data analytics in Python
PyCon AU 2013
Edward Schofield
Recorded: July 7, 2013Language: English

This is a tutorial on using the latest and most exciting tools in Python for scientific and engineering applications in 2013, with a focus on 'big data' applications. Using real-world data sets and a fully Python 3 environment, it will walk you through what's possible with modern tools like the machine-learning package scikit-learn, the image-processing package scikit-image, the Pandas toolkit for data analysis, and IPython-parallel. It will also review the upcoming generation of tools like Numba and Blaze.

What's New in Python for Science and Engineering
PyCon AU 2012
Edward Schofield
Recorded: Aug. 21, 2012Language: English

This is a tutorial about using Python for scientific and engineering purposes, focusing on the latest and best tools available in 2012. It will walk you through exploring a variety of interesting domains and problems using the latest