Simon Meers

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Django Unstrained
DjangoCon AU 2013
Simon Meers
Recorded: July 5, 2013Language: English

A compilation of outstanding tips, tricks and tools for meeting perfectionist's deadlines with even greater elegance and efficiency. Topics include project structure tips, time-saving template tags, handy model mixin classes, admin ninja skills, testing tools, robust handling of dynamic hyperlinks within rich text content, replacing raw ID widgets with client-friendly ones, convenient view and model method decorators, novel ways of keeping DRY, harnessing inheritance in CBVs, and as much more as I can fit into my time allocation.

Django Testing Tips
PyCon AU 2012
Simon Meers
Recorded: Aug. 22, 2012Language: English

Django's test framework is excellent for ensuring that your site/app is robust, but is often neglected because of the time it can take to build and maintain a comprehensive test suite. Here we will discuss a number of tips and tricks to reduce the overheads involved.