Ash Christopher

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Testing Django Projects at Scale
PyCon CA 2013
Ash Christopher
Recorded: Aug. 11, 2013Language: English

Tests are extremely useful to developers, but as projects get larger, tests can begin to get in the way of a smooth delivery pipeline. In this talk I present some issues I have experienced, and offer 10 pragmatic guidelines that may help developers maximize their test usefulness.

Horizontally Scaling Your Database with Django
PyCon CA 2012
Ash Christopher
Recorded: Nov. 11, 2012Language: English

When web apps reach a certain size, often their data footprint will outgrow what can reasonably be stored on a single database. Scaling your database horizontally by adding more servers is the dream but it can be a daunting task. This talk outlines the process I used to add horizontal scaling to Wave Accounting's infrastructure.