David Gouldin

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Painting on a Distributed Canvas: An Advanced Guide to Celery Workflows
PyOhio 2014
David Gouldin
Recorded: July 27, 2014Language: English

Celery is great for asynchronously sending emails from your web app. But what happens when you grow beyond simple "set it and forget it" tasks? This talk explores Celery's workflow primitives and how to create complex distributed applications. It assumes knowledge of Python and Celery. By the end, you will better understand how to structure distributed work that robustly scales.

Using Celery with Social Networks
DjangoCon 2012
David Gouldin
Recorded: Sept. 5, 2012Language: English

Many web applications need to interface with social networks, and celery, a Python distributed task queue library, is a great tool for the job. However, achieving speed and stability can be difficult. This talk will cover task organization/distribution, rate limiting, failover, and other practices to aid in working with social networks at scale.