Brian Costlow

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A gentle introduction to asyncio
PyOhio 2014
Brian Costlow
Recorded: July 26, 2014Language: English

Asyncio is the new standard library module for doing asynchronous IO and concurrency in Python 3.4. In this talk, I'll discuss some earlier strategies for writing such code in Python. I'll cover some of the decisions that went into it's design. Then I'll walk through a tuturial on asyncio itself. Finally, I'll take some well known example code for Gevent and Twisted, and rewrite it in asyncio.

Beyond the PIL: alternative solutions for working with images and video.
PyOhio 2012
Brian Costlow
Recorded: July 29, 2012Language: English

The Python Imaging Library is the go-to when you need to deal with images in Python. But sometimes it falls short. Some formats (PDF) are write-only. Some implementations (TIFF reading) are slow, or limited (TIFF writing). And what do you do about video data? This talk explores some alternative options, looking at strategies for using GraphicsMagick, ImageMagick, and ffmpeg from Python.