Thomas Winningham

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Software Radio with CTypes
PyOhio 2014
Thomas Winningham
Recorded: July 27, 2014Language: English

The RTL-SDR is a ~$20 USB stick made for watching the European digital TV DVB standard. It was discovered it can also be a general purpose radio receiver and spectrum analyzer. We will evaluate these devices by listening to broadcast FM or emergency frequencies, and demonstrate an original open source Python library I wrote for them.

Video Production Strategies Using Image Sequences
PyOhio 2012
Thomas Winningham
Recorded: July 28, 2012Language: English

Major production houses sometimes work with digital video not in non-linear editor format, but as large collections of image sequences in folders. Using Python to produce video this way can be very simple and natural once you starting thinking in image sequences. Using a series of small scripts, I'll demonstrate using PyCairo or PySVG as well as ImageMagick and FFMPEG to make 1080P HD video.