Adam Terrey

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The Framework Framework
PyCon AU 2013
Adam Terrey
Recorded: July 7, 2013Language: English

For when things should be pluggable... for when you want users to be able to extend your app... what should you do? "I will write a framework!", I hear you say. No need to invent your own pluggable system - use Component Architecture! The framework for frameworks (tested on animals).

Easy site migration using Diazo and Funnelweb
PyCon AU 2011
Adam Terrey
Recorded: Aug. 23, 2011Language: English

Moving old sites into a new web platform is a pain. Often you need to pull apart perfectly good HTML just to spend time painstakingly putting back together again and converting hundreds of pages of content is a chore. Recently PretaWeb used tools to drastically simplify this process when converting to Plone 4.1. Diazo is a platform independent theming engine that leaves HTML untouched. Funnelweb is a static content migration tool for crawling and manipulating site content.