Justin Bronn

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PyCon 2009: Plenary: Morning Lightning Talks
PyCon US 2009
Adam Fast , Charles Severance , Christopher Allan Webber , JIm Fulton , John Hampton , John Mulder , Justin Bronn , Martin Faassen , Paul Hummer , Richard T. Saunders , Roberto Allende
Added: Feb. 23, 2012Language: English

Plenary: Morning Lightning Talks covering GeoDjango, Zope, Launchpad, JSOT, AppEngine, StackOverflow, Miro, zc.buildout and RPM, ham radio, Plyne, GozerBot, picking tools, and stop watch.

Puppet Modules: Apps for Ops
PyCon US 2014
Justin Bronn
Recorded: April 12, 2014Language: English

Puppet modules provide reusable operations ("ops") code in a manner analogous to Django apps. This talk explores the Puppet ecosystem through the eyes of a typical Python developer, and demonstrates how to use Puppet modules effectively to deploy and secure Python web applications.