Francesc Alted

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Data Oriented Programming
PyData Berlin 2014
Francesc Alted
Recorded: July 26, 2014Language: English
Out-of-Core Columnar Datasets
EuroPython 2014
Francesc Alted
Recorded: July 25, 2014Language: English

Tables are a very handy data structure to store datasets to perform data analysis (filters, groupings, sortings, alignments...).

But it turns out that how the tables are actually implemented makes a large impact on how they perform.

Learn what you can expect from the current tabular offerings in the Python ecosystem.

Boosting NumPy with Numexpr and Cython
Francesc Alted
Recorded: March 2, 2012Language: English

In this video from the 2012 PyData Workshop Francesc Alted from Continuum Analytics is going to show you how you can boost NumPy with Numexpr and Cython.