Daniel Lindsley

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How (Not) To Build An OSS Community
PyCon US 2013
Daniel Lindsley
Recorded: March 16, 2013Language: English

A rough & tumble guide, based on the pains of experience, of what to do/not do when trying to build an OSS community.

Avoiding The Search Hall Of Shame
PyCon CA 2012
Daniel Lindsley
Recorded: Nov. 10, 2012Language: English

Most pieces of modern software (web, desktop or otherwise) include that innocuous little text box with inviting word "Search" nearby. But behind it lies a torrid world of bad ideas, worse ideas & ideas no computer should be made to suffer. If you want to keep your good name & stay out of the hall of shame, this talk will give you a grounding on how to make the search in your software better.

API Design Tips
DjangoCon 2012
Daniel Lindsley
Recorded: Sept. 4, 2012Language: English

The focus of this talk will be on some pragmatic tips on how to design programmatic (non-web-based) APIs for use by other developers.

Building A Python-Based Search Engine
PyCon US 2012
Daniel Lindsley
Recorded: March 11, 2012Language: English

Search is an increasingly common request in all types of applications as the amount of data all of us deal with continues to grow. The technology/architecture behind search engines is wildly different from what many developers expect. This talk will give a solid grounding in the fundamentals of providing search using Python to flesh out these concepts in a simple library.

RESTful APIs With Tastypie
PyCon US 2012
Daniel Lindsley
Recorded: March 10, 2012Language: English

Providing full-featured REST APIs is an increasingly popular request. Tastypie allows you to easily implement a customizable REST API for your Python or Django applications.