Brian Ray

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Lexical Graphs with Natural Language Processing using NLTK
Brian Ray
Recorded: Jan. 9, 2014Language: English

Brian will talk about his experiences using Python and NLTK to run language comparisons to generate lexical difference graphs like the one mentioned in the "Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe" article.

The focus will be on the NLTK and how its internals work to process a language. This talk will be his best one ever.

ROS - Robot Operating System
Bill Mania , Brian Ray
Recorded: Jan. 13, 2011Language: English

ROS is the Robot Operating System, originally from Stanford and now supported by Willow Garage. ROS has a mature Python interface and is being used around the world by both amateur and professional roboticists. At the end of the presentation, if time allows and interest exists, some rudimentary ROS functionality will be demonstrated on a robot in progress.