Alison Alvarez

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Using the Shapely Package for the Care and Feeding of your 2-D Spatial Data
PyOhio 2014
Alison Alvarez
Recorded: July 26, 2014Language: English

Shapely is a free python package for creating and manipulating points, lines and shapes with ease. 2-D spatial data can be used to create games, run virtual experiments, interpret political landscapes, or model human behavior. The concepts in this talk should be accessible to anyone with basic python knowledge.

Better Mapping with Shapely
PyOhio 2013
Alison Alvarez
Recorded: July 27, 2013Language: English

This talk will be about using the Python package Shapely, its features, and how to use them to build better maps and data visualizations.

This talk will be accesible to anyone who understands basic geometry and how to read a map.