This is a video index of Python-related video on the Internet. It does not host video—it's an index.

Each video is lovingly packaged with a variety of metadata that comprises the context of the video: When was it taken? What was the venue? Who was speaking? What was the topic of the talk? What are the related links? Are there quality issues with the video?

It's our hope that this metadata brings the video that's currently scattered about easier to find and easier to use.

Want to add a new conference?

Check the queue and if it's not there, add it to the queue.

I'm working on making it easier for other people to add new conferences to the site so that I'm not the bottleneck, but that work hasn't landed, yet.

Found a problem with the data?

If you've found a problem with the data in, send me an email with the details (the more details, the better). Email me at willkg at bluesock dot org.

Found a bug with the software?

If you've found a bug in richard, then please write up an issue in the issue tracker.

Want to contribute?

If you want to contribute to this site, you'll have to wait a bit until we get a contributor infrastructure going. I really want to make it easy for people to help make the metadata better, but the code isn't there, yet.

If you want to contribute to the software, see

Do you have other questions, comments, or concerns?

In the meantime, if you have questions, comments or concerns about this site, want to help out with richard development, or just want to send encouraging words, then send me an email.

Is this site helpful to you? Do you want to tip us for the work we're doing?

We spend a lot of our free time working on pyvideo, the software the runs it and maintaining infrastructure. It may not look like much, but it's done entirely in our spare time and it's a labor of love.

Donate to the tip jar and show us how much a resource like this means to you.



How is this site put together?

The software that runs this site is called richard. It's a free software project. You can find the code on GitHub at

The software that we use to work on the metadata and add it to is called steve. It's also a free software project. You can find the code on GitHub at Steve is very much an "in-progress" project and gets adjusted as our needs dictate.

Future plans

  • Done!: Better feed support
  • Done!: Read-only API
  • Better subtitling support whether that's through Universal Subtitles or something else
  • Better metadata
  • Better browsing interface
  • Better search interface

Most of these are being worked on in the underlying software. See richard issue tracker for details.

Additionally, the data in is ok, but could be a lot better. We're working on improving that, making it easier for other people to improve it, and adding additional conferences to the index.

Thank you!

We want to thank:

  • richard development team for building the software that runs this site
  • Rackspace for graciously hosting pyvideo.
  • Participatory Culture Foundation for putting together Miro Community which got me started curating Python video
  • Carl and Ryan at Next Day Video and the video teams that have filmed a large majority of this video over the years—the work they do is magical and they're great to work with
  • Python Software Foundation for the grant they awarded me in 2011 that paid costs I was accruing with Python Miro Community and for being so supportive of my efforts like they are with the many others who volunteer for Python community things
  • Mozilla for hiring me and bringing me back to web development and also building a lot of the libraries I used on the site
  • the people who put together these conferences—it's a metric ton of work that goes into bringing so many people together under one roof to be together, learn, and share