PyCon US 2011


The Python Software Foundation is proud to present the annual Python community conference, PyCon 2011. PyCon 2011 will be held March 9th through the 17th, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. The PyCon conference days will be March 11-13, preceded by two tutorial days (March 9-10), and followed by four days of development sprints (March 14-17th).

March 11, 2011
Number of videos:
Advanced Network Architectures With ZeroMQ — Zed A. Shaw mp4
Algorithmic Generation of OpenGL Geometry — Jonathan Hartley mp4
An (biased) survey of the python web — Mark Ramm mp4
An Introduction to Tornado — Gavin M. Roy mp4
An Open success for the cloud: OpenStack — Andy Smith mp4
An outsider's look at co-routines. — Peter Portante mp4
API Design anti-patterns — Alex Martelli mp4
API Design: Lessons Learned — Raymond Hettinger mp4
Backup Is Hard; Let's Go Shopping — Gary Bernhardt mp4
Best Practices for Impossible Deadlines — Christopher Groskopf mp4
Continuous deployment — Laurens Van Houtven mp4
CouchDB and Python in practice — Luke Gotszling mp4
Dependency management with Puppet — Richard Crowley mp4
Deploying Applications with zc.buildout — JIm Fulton mp4
Disqus: Serving 400 million people with Python — David Cramer , Jason Yan mp4
Distributed Tasks with Celery — Ryan Petrello mp4
Diversity in Tech: Improving our Toolset — Jennifer Leech mp4
Django Packages: A Case Study mp4
Django: Pitfalls I Encountered and How to Avoid Them — Luke Sneeringer mp4
Documentation Driven Development — Corey Oordt mp4
"Dude, Where's My RAM?" - A deep dive into how Python uses memory — Dave Malcolm mp4
Everything You Wanted To Know About Pickling, But Were Afraid To Ask! — Richard T. Saunders mp4
Exhibition of Atrocity — Mike Pirnat mp4
Extreme Network Programming with Python and Linux — Rob Ludwick mp4
Firefox Sync — Tarek Ziadé mp4
Friday Afternoon Lightning Talks mp4
Fun with Python's Newer Tools — Raymond Hettinger mp4
Genetic Programming in Python — Eric Floehr mp4
Get new contributors (and diversity) through outreach — Asheesh Laroia mp4
Getting the job: the do's and don'ts of landing a Python job — Brian Moloney mp4
Going Full Python - Threadless — Chris McAvoy mp4
Greasing the Wheels of Exploration with Python — Michael Sims mp4
Handling ridiculous amounts of data with probabilistic data structures — C. Titus Brown mp4
Hidden Treasures in the Standard Library — Doug Hellmann mp4
Hookbox: All Python web-frameworks, now real-time. Batteries Included. — Michael Carter mp4
How to kill a patent with Python — Van Lindberg mp4
How to sell Python — Chris Shenton , C. Titus Brown , Daniel Greenfeld , Dan Mesh , Frank Wiles , Rich Leland mp4
How to write obfuscated python — Rev. Johnny Healey mp4
HTSQL - an insanely good WSGI / REST interface to your favorite database — Clark C. Evans mp4
HTTP in Python: which library for what task? — Augie Fackler mp4
Introduction to Parallel Computing on an NVIDIA GPU using PyCUDA — Roy Hyunjin Han mp4
Javascript for people who know Python — Ian Bicking mp4
Jython Concurrency — Jim Baker mp4
Large Scale Data Conditioning & Processing with Stackless Python and Pypes — Eric Gaumer mp4
Linguistics of Twitter — Michael D. Healy mp4
MongoDB + Pylons at Scalable Web Apps with Python and NoSQL — Niall O'Higgins mp4
Montreal-Python -- Lessons Learned from Bootstraping a Python Community — Yannick Gingras mp4
mrjob: Distributed Computing for Everyone — Jimmy Retzlaff mp4
Opening the Flask — Armin Ronacher mp4
Optimal Aircraft Engine Tuner Selection in Python — Jeffrey Armstrong mp4
Packaging, from Distutils to Distutils2 mp4
Panel: Python in Schools: Teaching It and Teaching With It. mp4
Panel: Python VMs — Brett Cannon , Dino Viehland , Frank J Wierzbicki , Jacob Kaplan-Moss , Maciej Fijalkowski mp4
Pluggable Django Patterns — Corey Oordt mp4
Prototyping Go's Select with for Stackless Python — Andrew Francis mp4
PSF funds PyPy mp4
Python 3: the next generation is here already — Wesley J. Chun mp4
Python and Robots: Teaching Programming in High School — Vern Ceder mp4
Python-Aware Python — Ned Batchelder mp4
Python for High Performance Computing — William Scullin mp4
Python IDEs Panel mp4 + — Carl Karsten , Will Kahn-Greene mp4
Python Software Foundation Chairman Address — Steve Holden mp4
Python - The Secret Sauce in the Open Cloud — Jason Huggins mp4
Rapid Python used on Big Data to Discover Human Genetic Variation — Deniz Kural mp4
Reverse-engineering Ian Bicking's brain: inside pip and virtualenv — Carl Meyer mp4
Running Django Apps on Google App Engine — Wesley J. Chun mp4
Saturday Afternoon Lightning Talks mp4
Saturday Morning Lightning Talks mp4
Scaling Python past 100 — Mark Ramm mp4
Serious Business: Python is not just for Engineering — Zach Steindler mp4
SOLVCON: A New Python-Based Software Framework for Massively Parallelized Numerical Simulations — Yung-Yu Chen mp4
State of Pylons/TurboGears 2/repoze.bfg — Ben Bangert , Chris McDonough , Mark Ramm mp4
Statistical machine learning for text classification with scikit-learn — Olivier Grisel mp4
Status of Unicode in Python 3 — Victor Stinner ogg mp4
Sunday Afternoon Lightning Talks mp4
Supercomputer and Cluster Application Performance Analysis using Python — Daniel W. Barnette mp4
Supporting All Versions of Python All The Time With Tox — Kumar McMillan mp4
Swarming the Web: Evolving the Perfect Config File — Kurt Grandis mp4
Ten Years of Twisted mp4
Testing the Mobile (and Desktop) Web with Selenium 2.0 - Better, Faster, and more Pythonicly — Jason Huggins mp4
Testing with mock — Michael Foord mp4
The Data Structures of Python — Alex Gaynor ogg mp4
The Development of Python and You — Brian Curtin mp4
The Pyramid FAQ — Carlos de la Guardia mp4
The Python That Wasn't — Larry Hastings mp4
Through the Side Channel: Timing and Implementation Attacks in Python — Geremy Condra mp4
TUF: Secure Software Updates in Python — Geremy Condra mp4
Units Need Testing Too — Gary Bernhardt mp4
Useful Namespaces: Context Managers and Decorators — Jack Diederich mp4
Using Blender's new BPY Python API — Christopher Allan Webber mp4
Using Coroutines to Create Efficient, High-Concurrency Web Applications — Matt Spitz mp4
Using Python 3 to Build a Cloud Computing Service for my Superboard II — David Beazley mp4
web2py secrets tutorial (1/2) — Massimo Di Pierro mp4
What would you do with an ast? — Matthew J Desmarais mp4
Why is Python slow and how PyPy can help? — Alex Gaynor , Maciej Fijalkowski mp4
Writing Command-Line Tools using IronPython and Visual Studios — Noah Gift mp4
Writing great documentation — Jacob Kaplan-Moss mp4
ZODB: A Python Persistence System — Chris McDonough mp4