PyCon US 2010


PyCon US 2010 in Atlanta, GA

Feb. 19, 2010
Number of videos:
Actors: What, Why, and How (#161) — Donovan Preston ogg mp4
Advanced String Formatting (#117) ogg mp4
An Underwater Python: Tortuga the Python Powered Robot (#175) — Joseph Lisee ogg mp4
Building Leafy Chat, DjangoDose, and Hurricane, Lessons Learned on the Real-Time Web with Python (#24) — Alex Gaynor ogg mp4
Cooperative Multitasking with Twisted: Getting Things Done Concurrently. (#11) — David A Reid ogg mp4
Creating RESTful Web services with restish (#17) — Grig Gheorghiu ogg mp4
Creating Rich Client Applications Using Dabo — Ed Leafe , Paul McNett ogg mp4
Cross platform application development and distribution (#116) — Nadia Alramli , Stani Michiels ogg mp4
Customizing your editor for maximum productivity (#171) — Justin Lilly mp4
Dealing with unsightly data in the real world. (#156) — Alexander Dutton mp4
Debating 'til Dawn: Topics to keep you up all night (#183) ogg mp4
Deconstruction of an Object (#62) — Jeff Rush ogg mp4
Decorators From Basics to Class Decorators to Decorator Libraries (#138) — Charles Merriam ogg mp4
Demystifying Non-Blocking and Asynchronous I/O (#164) — Peter A Portante ogg mp4
Designing to Scale: The Story of ShootQ (#5) ogg mp4
Distributed Programming with Pyro (#7) — Alfredo Deza ogg mp4
Diversity as a Dependency (#49) — Anna M Ravenscroft ogg mp4
Django Deployment Workshop — Jacob Kaplan-Moss mp4
Django in Depth — James Bennett ogg mp4
Dude, Where's My Database? (#133) — Eric Florenzano ogg mp4
Easy command-line applications with cmd and cmd2 (#153) — Catherine Devlin ogg mp4
Ecommerce in Python: Introduction to Satchmo and GetPaid (#146) — Chris Moffitt , Christopher Johnson ogg mp4
Eventlet: Asynchronous I/O with a synchronous interface (#141) — Donovan Preston mp4
Evolving Your Framework Under Fire (#150) — Tres Seaver ogg mp4
Extending Java Applications with Jython (#65) — Frank J Wierzbicki ogg mp4
Faster Python Programs Through Optimization ogg mp4
Hacking the Social Web with Python — David Recordon , Mike Malone ogg mp4
Hg and Git : Can't we all just get along? (#154) — Scott Chacon mp4
How and why Python is being used to by the Military to model real-world battlefield scenarios (#13) ogg mp4
How Are Large Applications Embedding Python? (#6) — Peter Shinners ogg mp4
How does Enthought distribute packages? (#108) — Dr. Ilan Schnell ogg mp4
How Python is guiding infrastructure construction in Africa (#84) — Roy Hyunjin Han ogg mp4
How Python, TurboGears, and MongoDB are Transforming (#47) — Rick Copeland ogg mp4
How to write cross-interpreter Python programs (#101) — Maciej Fijalkowski ogg mp4
Implementing Domain Specific Languages In Python — Sean Jensen-Grey ogg mp4
Import this, that, and the other thing: custom importers (#9) — Brett Cannon ogg mp4
Interfaces, Adapters and Factories (#181) — Jeff Rush ogg mp4
Internationalizing your Django project (#74) — Matt Croydon ogg mp4
Introduction to Django — Chander Ganesan ogg mp4
Introduction to Internet Programming ogg mp4
Introduction to SQLAlchemy — Johnathan Ellis ogg mp4
Introduction to Traits — Corran Webster mp4
Introduction to Twisted — Chander Ganesan ogg mp4
Introduction to unittest (a.k.a. PyUnit) (#96) — Chander Ganesan mp4
IronPython Tooling (#67) — Dino E Viehland ogg mp4
Keynote: Building the Python Community — Steve Holden ogg mp4
Keynote: Cadence, Quality and Design — Mark Shuttleworth ogg mp4
Keynote: Relentlessly Pursuing Opportunities With Python, or why the AIs will Spare Us All! — Antonio Rodriguez ogg
Keynote: State of CPython — Guido van Rossum , Steve Holden ogg mp4
Keynote: State of PyPy — Maciej Fijalkowski ogg mp4
Keynote: State of Unladen Swallow — Collin Winter ogg mp4
Learning Hosting Best-Practices From WebFaction (#57) ogg mp4
Managing the world's oldest Django project (#80) — James Bennett ogg mp4
Mastering Python 3 I/O (part 1) — David Beazley ogg mp4
Mastering Team Play: Four powerful examples of composing Python tools (#184) — Raymond Hettinger ogg
Modern version control: Mercurial internals (#113) — Dirkjan Ochtman mp4
New *and* Improved: Coming changes to unittest, the standard library test framework (#52) — Michael Foord ogg mp4
Optimal Resource Allocation using Python (#36) — Ryan J O'Neil ogg mp4
Optimizations And Micro-Optimizations In CPython (#38) — Larry Hastings ogg mp4
Panel: Form Generator Generators (#28) ogg mp4
Pay only for what you eat: A tour of the Repoze.BFG repository and philosophy (#174) — Carlos de la Guardia ogg mp4
Persistent Graphs in Python with Neo4j (#140) — Tobbias Ivarsson ogg mp4
Plenary: Friday Evening Lightning Talks ogg mp4
Plenary: Intro to sprints ogg mp4
Plenary: Saturday Evening Lightning Talks ogg mp4
PLY and PyParsing (#93) — Andrew Dalke ogg mp4
Powerful Pythonic Patterns (#186) — Alex Martelli ogg mp4
Powering the real-time web with Python: PubSubHubbub on App Engine (#173) — Brett Slatkin ogg mp4
Pycon 2010: 508 and You: Taking the Pain out of Accessibility (#119) — Katie Cunningham ogg
PyCon 2010:Advanced SQL Alchemy — Michael Bayer ogg
Pycon 2010: Analysis: The other kind of testing (#185) — Bob Ippolito ogg mp4
Pynie: Python 3 on Parrot (#148) — Allison Randal ogg mp4
py.test - Rapid Testing with Minimal Effort — Holger Krekel ogg mp4
Python 101 — Stuart Williams ogg mp4
Python 102 — Stuart Williams ogg mp4
Python 201: How to Solve It Using Python — Senthil Kumaran ogg mp4
Python 3: The Next Generation (#48) — Wesley J. Chun ogg mp4
Python for Large Astronomical Data Reduction and Analysis Systems (#107) — Francesco Pierfederici ogg mp4
Python in quantitative finance (#158) — Wes McKinney ogg mp4
Python in the Browser (#71) — Jimmy Schementi ogg mp4
Python Metaprogramming (#64) — Nicolas Lara ogg mp4
Python's Dusty Corners (#182) — Jack Diederich ogg mp4
Rapid multi-purpose testing (#81) — Holger Krekel mp4
Relational Database Applications — Chris Perkins ogg mp4
Remixing Music Pythonically (#157) — Adam T. Lindsay mp4
Revisioned Databases for MultiUser Editing (#86) — John Rittenhouse ogg mp4
Scaling Python webapps from zero to 50 million users - A top-down approach. (#134) — Jinal Jhaveri ogg mp4
Scaling your Python application on EC2 (#191) — Jeremy Edberg ogg mp4
Scrape the Web: Strategies for programming websites that don't expect it — Asheesh Laroia ogg mp4
Seattle: A Python-based Platform for Easy Development and Deployment of Networked Systems and Applications (#162) — Ivan Beschastnikh , Justin Cappos , Justin Samuel ogg mp4
Simple WSGI composition: story of one refactoring (#51) — Max Ischenko ogg mp4
Small acts make great revolutions: crafting Python and Open Source communities in Rio de Janeiro (#78) — Guilherme Chapiewski , Henrique Bastos ogg mp4
Sprox: data driven web development (#137) — Jorge L Vargas ogg mp4
Sunday Afternoon Lightning Talks ogg mp4
Sunday Morning Lightning Talks ogg mp4
Supercharging Web Communications: Integrating Python-based Apps with CRM (#152) — Christopher Johnson ogg mp4
Teaching compilers with python (#87) — Dr. Matthieu Amiguet mp4
Tests and Testability (#188) — Ned Batchelder ogg mp4
The Meaty Parts of Python: Closures, Decorators, List Comprehension, and Functional Constructs — Matt Harrison ogg mp4
The Mighty Dictionary (#55) — Brandon Rhodes ogg mp4
The Python and the Elephant: Large Scale Natural Language Processing with NLTK and Dumbo (#120) — Dr. Jimmy J Lin , Nitin Madnani ogg mp4
The Ring of Python (#189) — Holger Krekel ogg mp4
The speed of PyPy (#83) — Maciej Fijalkowski ogg mp4
The state of Packaging (#63) — Tarek Ziadé ogg mp4
The Zen of CherryPy (#111) — Robert E Brewer ogg mp4
Think Globally, Hack Locally - Teaching Python in Your Community (#122) — Leigh Honeywell ogg mp4
Threading is not a model (#187) — Joe Gregorio ogg mp4
To relate or not to relate, that is the question (#99) — Mark Ramm ogg mp4
TurboGears Geospatial Framework (#19) — Sanjiv Singh ogg mp4
Turtles All The Way Down: Demystifying Deferreds, Decorators, and Declarations (#169) — Glyph Lefkowitz ogg mp4
Understanding the Python GIL (#82) — David Beazley ogg mp4
Unladen Swallow: fewer coconuts, faster Python (#73) ogg mp4
Using Python to Create Robotic Simulations for Planetary Exploration (#159) — Dr. Jonathan M Cameron ogg mp4
VisTrails: A Python-Based Scientific Workflow and Provenance System (#172) — David Koop ogg mp4
What every developer should know about database scalability (#21) — Jonathan Ellis ogg mp4
What We've Learned From Building Basie (#85) — Dr. Greg Wilson ogg mp4
Why not run all your tests all the time? A study of continuous integration systems (#160) — C. Titus Brown mp4
Writing Books using Python and Open Source Software (#40) — Wesley J. Chun ogg mp4
wxPython II: Introduction to GUI Programming and MVC — David Goodger ogg
wxPython I: Introduction to GUI Programming ogg mp4