Kiwi PyCon 2009


Kiwi PyCon 2009 in Christchurch, New Zealand

Nov. 6, 2009
Number of videos:
Brendan McCane - Introductory programming with Python — Brendan McCane x-flv
Brian Thorne - Computer Vision — Brian Thorne x-flv
Douglas Bagnall - pyserf - a shortcut for writing C extensions in C — Douglas Bagnall x-flv
Douglas Bagnall - Te Tuhi Video Game System — Douglas Bagnall x-flv
Grant Paton-Simpson - SOFA Statistics - Developing, packaging, and promoting a Python open source project — Grant Paton-Simpson x-flv
Guy Kloss - Python Data Plotting and Visualisation Extravaganza — Guy Kloss x-flv
Indy Liu - Building web animation application with Python-Ogre — Indy Liu x-flv
Joel Burton - A Smart Introduction to Plone — Joel Burton x-flv
Joel Burton - Why Python Web Frameworks are Changing the Web — Joel Burton x-flv
Lightning talks x-flv
Michael Dunstan - Testing Demo — Michael Dunstan x-flv
Michael Hudson-Doyle - An Introduction to PyPy — Michael Hudson-Doyle x-flv
Michael Hudson - How we use Twisted in Launchpad — Michael Hudson-Doyle x-flv
Richard Clark - The living coder — Richard Clark x-flv
Richard Jones - Making Django awesomer — Richard Jones x-flv
Richard Jones - Tkinter doesn't suck, honest — Richard Jones x-flv
Richard Tew - Stackless Python 101 — Richard Tew x-flv
Robert Coup - /me wants it. Scraping sites to get data. — Robert Coup x-flv
Robert Coup - Monitoring and debugging your live applications — Robert Coup x-flv
Roman Joost - Get started with Zope3 — Roman Joost x-flv
Roman Joost - Grok or how Zope3 reinvented itself — Roman Joost x-flv
Roman Joost - Interfacing with GIMP using Python — Roman Joost x-flv
Stuart Mitchell - Operations research and Optimization in Python using Pulp — Stuart Mitchell x-flv
Tim Knapp - Getting All Your Web Apps To Wear The Company Brand — Tim Knapp x-flv
Tim McNamara - OLPC XO: Python bringing education to the world's poorest children — Tim McNamara x-flv
Tim Penhey - Launchpad: The Good, the Bad, and the OMG How Does That Work — Tim Penhey x-flv
Volker Kuhlmann - Rapid GUI application development with python — Volker Kuhlmann x-flv
WenChen Hol - coursebuilder: reusable multimodal elearning resource editor — WenChen Hol x-flv