PyCon AU 2013


PyCon Australia is the national conference for professionals, students and enthusiasts who work with the Python Programming Language. PyCon Australia 2013 was held at Wrest Point in Hobart, Tasmania.

July 5, 2013
Number of videos:
Big Data Deduplication and data matching using Python — Andrew Rowe mp4
Buildbots Rollout! — Mark Lakewood mp4
Building data flows with Celery and SQLAlchemy — Roger Barnes mp4
Build your infrastructure - with Python! — Ed Leafe mp4
Conference Close mp4
Don't Do This — Richard Jones mp4
Dynamic visualisation in the IPython Notebook — Brianna Laugher mp4
Getting the most out of Stack Overflow — Adam Forsyth mp4
Growing Open Source Seeds — Kenneth Reitz mp4
Making games in pygame — Cody Lovett mp4
Making Python More Fun for Everyone — Chris Boesch mp4
Managing scientific simulations with Python with RQ (Redis Queue) — Andrew Walker mp4
Modern scientific computing and big data analytics in Python — Edward Schofield mp4
My big gay adventure. Making, releasing and selling an indie game made in python. — Luke Miller mp4
PiDoorbell - Instantaneous Video Notifications with Arduino & RaspberryPi — Rupa Dachere mp4
Python? Ruby? Go? Oh My! — Brett Wilkins mp4
Solving problems by sharing them... with Python! — Tennessee Leeuwenburg mp4
Sunday Lightning Talks mp4
The Framework Framework — Adam Terrey mp4
The ultimate CMS vs Framework showdown — Dylan Jay mp4
Tinkering with Tkinter — Russell Keith-Magee mp4
Using Python to drive Australian water availability forecasting — David Kent mp4
Web testing for Ninjas with Splinter — Dylan Lacey mp4
Building secure web apps: Python vs the OWASP Top 10 — Jacob Kaplan-Moss mp4
Computer Science, Software Engineering, and the Scientific Method — Alex Gaynor mp4
Conference Opening & Housekeeping mp4
Exploring Science on Twitter with IPython Notebook and Python Pandas — Brenda Moon mp4
Learning Parseltongue: Wizardry in Python — Gaurav Dadhania mp4
Limiting Execution Time Through Interrupt Driven Programming — Erik van Zijst mp4
Modules 101: how to avoid spaghetti, big balls of mud and houses of straw! — Graeme Cross mp4
Nobody Expects the Python Packaging Authority — Nick Coghlan mp4
Python 102 - a recap and a bit more. — Peter Lovett mp4
Pythonic iterators and generators — Lakshman Prasad mp4
Salt: How to be Truly Lazy — Lex Hider mp4
Saturday Lightning Talks mp4
Schemas for the Real World — Carina C. Zona mp4
scikit-learn, machine learning and cybercrime attribution — Robert Layton mp4
Software Carpentry arrives Down Under! — Damien Irving mp4
Testing: Choose Your Weapons — Todd Owen mp4
Testing for Graceful Failure with Vaurien and Marteau — Ryan Kelly mp4
The life of a web request - techniques for measuring and improving Django application performance — Roger Barnes mp4
Transitioning from PHP to Django on the sly — Ben Sturmfels mp4
Using Cython for distributed-multiprocess steganographic md5sum-collision generation — Tom Eastman mp4
Using Python to design, configure, and measure large-scale networks — Simon Knight mp4
Why I use py.test and maybe you should too — Andy Todd mp4