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PyCon US 2013


The largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language.

March 13, 2013
Number of videos:
ApplePy: An Apple ][ emulator in Python — James Tauber mp4
Become a logging expert in 30 minutes — Gavin M. Roy mp4
Beginners Welcome: From Zero to GUIs in Four Months, via Writing a Tutorial — Marta Maria Casetti No downloadable files.
Biological Data Integration and Application for Personalized Cancer Treatment — Hyungyong Kim No downloadable files.
Biomedical Ontologies with Python — Ryan Freckleton No downloadable files.
Closing Address — Jesse Noller mp4
Collecting & Analyzing Financial Data — Alex Xu No downloadable files.
DaNKInDaB - A New Approach to Servers — Marco Montanari No downloadable files.
Data Classification Using Python, Django and R — Meenal Pant No downloadable files.
Distributed Coordination with Python — Ben Bangert mp4
Fusing Online and Face-to-Face Social Networks with Python and RFIDs — Andre Panisson , Ciro Cattuto , Marco Quaggiotto No downloadable files.
"Good enough" is good enough! — Alex Martelli mp4
GR - A Universal Framework for Visualization Applications — Josef Heinen No downloadable files.
How Import Works — Brett Cannon mp4
Internationalization and Localization Done Right — Ruchi Varshney mp4
Is Python Beginner Friendly? — Simeon Franklin No downloadable files.
Iteration & Generators: the Python Way — Luciano Ramalho mp4
Keynote — Guido van Rossum mp4
Keynote — Van Lindberg mp4
Lightning Talks - Sunday evening — Various No downloadable files.
Lightning Talks - Sunday morning — Various No downloadable files.
Namespaces in Python — Eric Snow mp4
Plover: Thought to Text at 240 WPM — Mirabai Knight mp4
Pony Object-Relational Mapper — Alexey Malashkevich No downloadable files.
[Poster] A Fast and Efficient Python Development Process for Small Teams — Eric Palakovich Carr No downloadable files.
[Poster] ApsimRegions: A Gridded Modeling Framework for the APSIM Crop Model — David Stack No downloadable files.
[Poster] Atabox — Ian McJohn No downloadable files.
[Poster] Darkserver: Help to Debug Userspace — Kushal Das No downloadable files.
[Poster] David vs Goliath: Fighting Big Budgets with Python — Michael Waud No downloadable files.
[Poster] Developing an Early College IT/CS/Math Program Using Python — Jeffrey Elkner No downloadable files.
[Poster] Django Appointment Slots — Amol Kher No downloadable files.
[Poster] Enabling High Throughput Immunobiology by Integrating Django, numpy, matplotlib, and SQLAlchemy — Jacob Rothenbuhler No downloadable files.
[Poster] Next-Generation Immunobiology Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization — Alan Barber II No downloadable files.
[Poster] Read the Docs — Eric Holscher No downloadable files.
[Poster] Retrieving Meaning from Words — Nathaniel Case No downloadable files.
[Poster] Spatial Clustering in Python — Shane Grigsby No downloadable files.
[Poster] The State of PyCscope — Peter Portante No downloadable files.
Purely Python Imaging with Pymaging — Jonas Obrist mp4
PyNES: Python programming for Nintendo 8 bits. — Guto Maia mp4
Python XMPP — Arc Riley No downloadable files.
Reverse Engineering the Internet of Things — Issac Kelly No downloadable files.
Rhys interviews CYAN — Rhys Rhaven No downloadable files.
rpy2: Use R from the Comfort of Python — Laurent Gautier No downloadable files.
Serpint - Controlling Raspberry Pi GPIO with a Serial Port/Socket — Louis Goessling No downloadable files.
Server Log Analysis with Pandas — Taavi Burns mp4
Use curses, don't swear — Sean Zicari mp4
Using Python to Code by Voice — Tavis Rudd mp4
We Have, We Need - Disaster Relief in the Modern World — Jon Wong , Wes Vetter No downloadable files.
Why Pyramid is awesome: the example of Facebook applications — Éric Araujo No downloadable files.
Worry-Free Parsers with Parsley — Allen Short mp4
XBlock: Courseware Components from edX — Ned Batchelder No downloadable files.
5 powerful pyramid features — Carlos de la Guardia mp4
All-Singing All-Dancing Python Bytecode — Larry Hastings mp4
Asset Management in Python — Beau Lyddon , Robert Kluin mp4
Beyond Passwords: Secure Authentication with Mozilla Persona — Dan Callahan mp4
Boundaries — Gary Bernhardt No downloadable files.
Building an image processing pipeline with Python — Franck Chastagnol mp4
Building full-stack scientific applications in Python — Luke Lee mp4
Chef: Automating web application infrastructure — Kate Heddleston mp4
Community Event Planning — Christie Koehler mp4
Copyright and You — Frank Siler mp4
Crypto 101 — Laurens Van Houtven mp4
Customizing the Django Admin: The How and the Why — Lakshman Prasad mp4
Cython vs SWIG, Fight! — Mark Kohler mp4
Death by a thousand leaks: what statically-analysing 370 Python extensions looks like — David Malcolm mp4
Designers + Developers: Collaborating on your Python project — Julia Elman , Mark Lavin mp4
Dispatch Magic — Ben Bangert mp4
Dynamic Code Patterns: Extending Your Applications with Plugins — Doug Hellmann mp4
Getting started with automated testing — Carl Meyer mp4
How (Not) To Build An OSS Community — Daniel Lindsley mp4
Integrating Jython with Java — Jim Baker mp4
Keynote - What Makes Python Awesome — Raymond Hettinger mp4
Lessons Learned in Teaching Python — Alexandra Strong , Christine Cheung mp4
Let Them Configure! — Łukasz Langa mp4
Lightning Talks - Saturday evening — Various No downloadable files.
Lightning Talks - Saturday morning — Various mp4
Location, Location, Location — Julia Grace mp4
Logical Failures — Luke Sneeringer mp4
Making Apache suck less for hosting Python web applications. — Graham Dumpleton mp4
Mobile Application Testing with Python and Selenium — Jason Carr mp4
MTO On Blast: Using Python's Natural Language Toolkit to Model Gossip Blogs — Robert Elwell mp4
Numba: A Dynamic Python compiler for Science — Mark Florisson , Travis Oliphant mp4
Panel: Directions for Packaging — Daniel Holth , Éric Araujo , Jason R. Coombs , JIm Fulton , Marcus Smith , Nick Coghlan , Richard Jones mp4
Porting Django apps to Python 3 — Jacob Kaplan-Moss mp4
Pyramid Auth Is Hard, Let's Ride Bikes — Chris McDonough mp4
Python at Netflix — Corey Bertram , Jeremy Edberg , Roy Rapoport mp4
Python for Humans — Kenneth Reitz mp4
Python for Robotics and Hardware Control — Jonathan Foote mp4
Python's Class Development Toolkit — Raymond Hettinger mp4
Python's Law — Stephen McJohn mp4
Realtime Tracking and Mapping of Geographic Objects using Python — Ragi Burhum mp4
Scaling community diversity outreach — Asheesh Laroia , Dana Bauer , Daniel Choi , Jessica McKellar mp4
Sink or swim: 5 life jackets to throw to New Coders — Lynn Root mp4
So Easy You Can Even Do It in JavaScript: Event-Driven Architecture for Regular Programmers — Glyph mp4
Solid Python Application Deployments For Everybody — Hynek Schlawack mp4
Teaching with the IPython Notebook — Matt Davis No downloadable files.
Things to make writing tests easier — Chris Withers mp4
What is the Python Software Foundation? — Brian Curtin mp4
What teachers really need from us — Selena Deckelmann mp4
Who are we? A sociological analysis of the indigenous Python tribe — Jacqueline Kazil mp4
Who’s there? - Home Automation with Arduino/RaspberryPi — Rupa Dachere mp4
Why you should use Python 3 for text processing — David Mertz mp4
API Design for Library Authors — Chris McDonough mp4
Awesome Big Data Algorithms — Titus Brown mp4
Better Documentation Through Automation: Creating Sphinx Extensions — Doug Hellmann mp4
Blame it on Caesar: What you need to know about dates, times and time zones — Lennart Regebro mp4
Composability Through Multiple Inheritance — Łukasz Langa mp4
Deploy your Python app in 5 min with a PaaS — Nate Aune mp4
EduPsych Theory for Python Hackers: A Whirlwind Overview — Mel Chua mp4
Elasticsearch (Part 1): Indexing and Querying — Erik Rose mp4
Encapsulation with descriptors — Luciano Ramalho mp4
Fighting Cancer with Python — Erik Evensen mp4
Functional Programming with Python — Mike Müller mp4
Funding and Coordinating Python Projects via Non-Profits — Bradley M. Kuhn No downloadable files.
Gittip: Inspiring Generosity — Chad Whitacre mp4
How the Internet works — Jessica McKellar mp4
How to Except When You're Excepting — Esther Nam mp4
If You Code, You Should Write — Brian K. Jones mp4
Keynote - Eben Upton — Eben Upton mp4
Kivy: Building GUI and Mobile apps with Python — Mathieu Virbel , Thomas Hansen mp4
Lightning Talks - Friday evening — Various mp4
Lightning Talk - The future of Linux Containers — Solomon Hykes mp4
Loop like a native: while, for, iterators, generators — Ned Batchelder mp4
Make More Responsive Web Applications with SocketIO and gevent — Luke Sneeringer mp4
Making DISQUS Realtime. — Adam Hitchcock mp4
Measuring and modeling the complexity of children's books — Jeff Elmore mp4
Messaging at Scale at Instagram — Rick Branson mp4
Music Theory and Performance Analysis with Sebastian and Czerny — James Tauber mp4
Opening Statements — Jesse Noller mp4
Planning and Tending the Garden: The Future of Early Childhood Python Education — Kurt Grandis mp4
PyPy without the GIL — Armin Rigo mp4
Python 3.3: Trust Me, It's Better than 2.7 — Brett Cannon mp4
Python: A "Toy" Language — David Beazley mp4
Python Profiling — Amjith Ramanujam mp4
Rethinking Errors: Learning from Scala and Go — Bruce Eckel mp4
Scrapy: it GETs the web — Asheesh Laroia mp4
SimpleCV - Computer Vision using Python — Katherine Scott mp4
So you want to write an interpreter? — Alex Gaynor mp4
sys._current_frames(): Take real-time x-rays of your software for fun and performance — Leonardo Rochael mp4
The End Of Object Inheritance & The Beginning Of A New Modularity — Augie Fackler , Nathaniel Manista mp4
The Guts of Unicode in Python — Benjamin Peterson mp4
The Magic of Metaprogramming — Jeff Rush mp4
The Naming of Ducks: Where Dynamic Types Meet Smart Conventions — Brandon Rhodes mp4
The SQLAlchemy Session - In Depth — Mike Bayer mp4
This Old Video Site: How PBS streams video - and you can too! — Edgar Roman mp4
Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python — Raymond Hettinger mp4
Twisted Logic: Endpoints and Why You Shouldn't Be Scared of Twisted — Ashwini Oruganti mp4
Using futures for async GUI programming in Python 3.3 — Dino Viehland mp4
Visualizing Github, Part I: Data to Information — Dana Bauer , Idan Gazit mp4
Visualizing Github, Part II: Information to Meaning — Dana Bauer , Idan Gazit mp4
Whoosh, the open-source Python search library — Matt Chaput mp4
Write the Docs — James Bennett mp4
You can be a speaker at PyCon! — Anna Ravenscroft mp4
Advanced Machine Learning with scikit-learn — Olivier Grisel No downloadable files.
A Gentle Introduction to Computer Vision — Katherine Scott mp4
An Introduction to scikit-learn: Machine Learning in Python — Jake Vanderplas mp4
Applied Parallel Computing with Python — Ian Ozsvald , Minesh B Amin mp4
Contribute with me! Getting started with open source development — Jessica McKellar mp4
Documenting Your Project in Sphinx — Brandon Rhodes mp4
Fully Test-Driven Web Development with Django and Selenium — Harry Percival mp4
Intermediate Twisted: Test-Driven Networking Software — Itamar Turner-Trauring mp4
Introduction to PyGame — Richard Jones mp4
Introduction to SQLAlchemy — Mike Bayer mp4
Python 3 Metaprogramming — David Beazley No downloadable files.
Python Epiphanies — Stuart Williams mp4
Python for Data Analysis — Benjamin Zaitlen , Peter Wang , Travis Oliphant mp4
Shiny, Let's Be Bad Guys: Exploiting and Mitigating the Top 10 Web App Vulnerabilities — David Stanek , Mike Pirnat mp4
A beginner's introduction to Pydata: how to build a minimal recommendation engine. — Amr Hiram , Diego Maniloff , Zach Howard mp4
A hands-on introduction to Python for beginning programmers — Jessica McKellar mp4
Analyzing Social Networks with Python — Alex Kouznetsov , Jacqueline Kazil , Maksim Tsvetovat mp4
Bayesian statistics made simple — Allen Downey mp4
Code to Cloud in under 45 minutes — John Wetherill mp4
Digital signal processing through speech, hearing, and Python — Mel Chua mp4
Effective Django — Nathan Yergler mp4
Faster Python Programs through Optimization — Mike Müller mp4
Going from web pages to web apps with Python — Asheesh Laroia , Karen Rustad mp4
IPython in-depth: high-productivity interactive and parallel python — Brian Granger , Fernando Pérez , Min RK mp4
Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking — David Beazley mp4
Pyramid for Humans — Paul Everitt mp4
Python beyond the CPU — Andy Terrel , Mark Florisson , Travis Oliphant mp4
Python for Programmers: A Project-Based Tutorial — Alexandra Strong , Christine Cheung , Katharine Jarmul mp4
Rapid Web Prototyping with Lightweight Tools — Andrew Montalenti No downloadable files.