DjangoCon 2011


DjangoCon US is the main opportunity for djangonauts to come together in the United States. It will consist of two tracks of talks over three days, and will also provide for open sessions, lightning talks, and a development sprint after the conference.

DjangoCon US provides a critical opportunity for the community members to socialize, share ideas, work together, and plan for continued success.

Sept. 6, 2011
Number of videos:
Advanced Django Form Usage — Daniel Greenfeld , Miguel Araujo mp4
Advanced security topics — Paul McMillan ogg mp4
A Little South Sanity — Brian Luft mp4
A Summer in the Wild — Alex Gaynor mp4
Benevolent Designer For Life's Keynote - Designers Make It Go to Eleven — Idan Gazit mp4
Best Practices for Front-End Django Developers mp4
Building APIs in Django with Tastypie mp4
Cache rules everything around me — Jacob Burch , Noah Silas mp4
Confessions of Joe Developer — Daniel Greenfeld mp4
Deployment, Daemons and Datacenters — Andrew Godwin mp4
Django Core Dev Panel mp4
Django Hosting Panel mp4
Django Package Thunderdome: Is Your Package Worthy? mp4
Fireside Chat with a BDFL mp4
From Designer to Django'er in Six Weeks: A Story from Solo Founder — Tracy Osborn mp4
Keynote - Brad Fitzpatrick mp4
Keynote - David Eaves mp4
Keynote - Glyph Lefkowitz — Glyph Lefkowitz mp4
Lightning Talks - Thursday morning mp4
Lightning Talks - Tuesday morning mp4
Lightning Talks - Wednesday morning mp4
Making interactive maps for the web — Zain Memon mp4
Making the Django ORM Multilingual — Jonas Obrist mp4
Monkeying Around with Python at New Relic — Graham Dumpleton mp4
Pinax after Three Years: Lessons Learnt and the Way Forward — James Tauber mp4
Real-Time Django — Adam Miskiewicz , Ben Slavin mp4
Real world Django deployment using Chef — Noah Kantrowitz mp4
RESTful APIs: Promises and Lies — Tareque Hossain mp4
RTFM -- wRite The Friendly Manual — James Bennett mp4
Safely deploying on the cutting edge mp4
Secrets of PostgreSQL Performance — Frank Wiles mp4
State of the DSF Keynote — Dr. Russell Keith-Magee mp4
Stop Tilting at Windmills - Spotting Bottlenecks — Brandon Konkle , Yann Malet mp4
Taming dependencies with pip — Carl Meyer mp4
Teaching Django to Comrades — Issac Kelly mp4
Testing: The Developer Strikes Back mp4
Testing with Lettuce and Splinter — Adam Nelson mp4
The story and tech of Read the Docs — Eric Holscher mp4
Why the Django Documentation Sucks — Steve Holden mp4
Y'all Wanna Scrape with Us? Content Ain't a Thing : Web Scraping With Our Favorite Python Libraries — Katharine Jarmul mp4