PyOhio 2012


PyOhio is a free (thanks sponsors!) annual conference for Python programmers in and around Ohio and the entire Midwest.

July 28, 2012
Number of videos:
Beyond the PIL: alternative solutions for working with images and video. — Brian Costlow mp4
Deleting Code Is Hard And You Should Do It — Jack Diederich mp4
django-cms: Friends don’t let friends use Drupal. — Andrew Schoen mp4
Effective Django — Nathan Yergler mp4
Exploring Python Code Objects — Dan Crosta mp4
Fun Observational Science with Python and a Webcam — Eric Floehr mp4
Learn Python TDD Style with Python Koans — Greg Malcolm mp4
Lightning Talks mp4
Python Design Patterns 1 — Brandon Rhodes mp4
Python for Educators — Mike Rehner mp4
Python for Humans — Kenneth Reitz mp4
An Introduction to the ZODB — Nolan Brubaker mp4
An Introduction to Tkinter — Jeff Armstrong mp4
Coding for everyone — Benjamin W. Smith mp4
Develop Games with Panda3D and Python — Peter Carswell mp4
Devops or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ops Team — Mike Crute mp4
Does Python have the secret sauce to be web scale? — Pradeep Gowda mp4
Drive-in Double-header: Datetimes and Log analysis — Taavi Burns mp4
Family Project: Three Keys and a Boss — Katina Mooneyham mp4
Leo: A paradigm shifting IDE — Thomas Fetherston mp4
Python 101/102 — Michael Yanovich mp4
Python Testing Fundamentals — Chris Calloway mp4
Really good logging — W. Matthew Wilson mp4
Starting your project right: setup and automation for all — Rick Harding mp4
Using Python on Android — Ben Rousch mp4
Video Production Strategies Using Image Sequences — Thomas Winningham mp4
You Used Python for What?! — James Tauber mp4