SciPy 2012


SciPy 2012, the eleventh annual Scientific Computing with Python conference, was held this July in Austin, Texas. SciPy is a community dedicated to the advancement of scientific computing through open source Python software for mathematics, science, and engineering. The annual SciPy Conference allows participants from both academic and commercial organizations to showcase their latest projects, learn from skilled users and developers, and collaborate on code development.

July 16, 2012
Number of videos:
Bokeh: An Extensible Implementation of the Grammar of Graphics for Python — Hugo Shi , Peter Wang mp4
Can Python's web and science communities run concurrently? — Eric Bruning mp4
Domain Analysis of Mosaic Proteins in Purple Sea Urchin — Adam Hughes mp4
Enaml - A Framework for Building Declarative User Interfaces — S. Chris Colbert mp4
Fcm - A python library for flow cytometry — Jacob Frelinger mp4
Forking your way to success and happiness: how GitHub style collaboration is ushering in a new era of amateur led innovation. — Tim Clem mp4
How Sequencing Saved Python — Chris Mueller mp4
Interactive Visualization Widgets Using Chaco and Enable — Corran Webster mp4
IPython: tools for the entire lifecycle of research computing — Brian Granger , Evan Patterson , Fernando Pérez , Min Ragan-Kelley , Thomas Kluyver mp4
Lightning Talks - Thursday mp4
luban: a minimalist UI 'language' — Jiao Lin mp4
nD image segmentation using learned region agglomeration with the Ray Python library — Juan Nunez-Iglesias mp4
nmrglue: a Python Module for Working with NMR Data. — Jonathan J. Helmus mp4
Object Oriented Finite Elements at NIST — Andrew Reid mp4
Param: Declarative programming using Parameters — Christopher E. Ball , James A. Bednar mp4
Py-ART: Python for remote sensing science — Scott Collis mp4
Python as Super Glue for the Modern Scientific Workflow — Joshua Bloom mp4
Python @ Life — Daniel Williams mp4
Python's role in VisIt — Cyrus Harrison , Harinarayan Krishnan mp4
PythonTeX: Fast Access to Python from within LaTeX — Geoffrey M. Poore mp4
QuTiP: An open-source Python framework for the dynamics of open quantum systems — Paul Nation , Robert Johansson mp4
Running a Coupled General Circulation Model with Python — Luiz Irber mp4
Surface Subdivision Schemes for Python — Stephen McQuay , William Blattman mp4
Total Recall: flmake and the Quest for Reproducibility — Anthony Scopatz mp4
TuLiP: a toolbox for hybrid and reactive systems research — Richard M. Murray , Scott C. Livingston mp4
Utilizing Python in a Real-Time, Quasi-Operational Meteorological Environment — Patrick Marsh mp4
ALGES: Geostatistics and Python — Felipe Lema mp4
AstroML: data mining and machine learning for Astronomy — Alex Gray , Andrew Connolly , Jake Vanderplas , Zeljko Ivezic mp4
Astropy - Herding Snakes or Astronomers: which is more difficult? — Erik Tollerud , Perry Greenfield , Thomas Robitaille mp4
A tale of four libraries — Alejandro Weinstein , Michael Wakin mp4
A Unified Release of Python & IRAF software for astronomy — James E.H. Turner mp4
Bringing High Performance to Python/Numpy Without Changing a Single Line of Code. — Brian Vinter , Mads Ruben Burgdorff Kristensen , Simon Andreas Frimann Lund , Troels Blum mp4
Building a Solver Based on PyClaw for the Solution of the Multi-Layer Shallow Water Equations — Kyle Mandli mp4
Copperhead: Data Parallel Python — Bryan Catanzaro mp4
Domain Specific Languages for Partial Differential Equations using Ignition — Andy Terrel mp4
Implicit Multicore Parallelism using CnC-Python — Shams Imam , Vivek Sarkar mp4
Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language for Technical Computing — Jeff Bezanson mp4
Lightning Talks - Wednesday mp4
Matplotlib: Lessons from middle age. Or, how you too can turn a hundred lines of patch rejection into two hundred thousand lines of code. — John Hunter mp4
Numba Python bytecode to LLVM translator — Jon Riehl , Travis Oliphant mp4
OpenMG: A New Multigrid Implementation in Python — Akand W. Islam , Tom Bertalan mp4
Parallel Computational Methods and Simulation for Coastal and Hydraulic Applications Using the Proteus Toolkit — Chris Kees mp4
Performance Python Panel Discussion — Andy Terrel mp4
PySAL: A Python Library for Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis and Geocomputation — Sergio Rey mp4
QNDArray: A Numpy Clone for C++/Qt — Glen W. Mabey mp4
ROFL: a functional Python dialect for science — Jonathan Riehl mp4
SciPy + MapReduce with Disco — Al Barrentine mp4
Self-driving Lego Mindstorms Robot — Iqbal Mohomed mp4
Solving the import problem: Scalable Dynamic Loading Network File Systems — Aron Ahmadia , Jed Brown , William Scullin mp4
SymPy Stats - Uncertainty Modeling — Matthew Rocklin mp4
Time Series Manipulation with pandas — Wes McKinney mp4
Unlock: A Python-based framework for rapid development of practical brain-computer interface applications — Byron V. Galbraith , Frank H. Guenther , Jonathan S. Brumberg , Sean D. Lorenz mp4
yt: An Integrated Science Environment for Astrophysical Simulations — Matthew Turk mp4
Efficient Parallel Python for High-Performance Computing — Kurt Smith mp4
IPython in-depth: Interactive Tools for Scientific Computing — Fernando Pérez , Min Ragan-Kelley mp4
statsmodels — Skipper Seabold mp4
Time Series Data Analysis with pandas — Wes McKinney mp4
Advanced Matplotlib — Ryan May mp4
HDF5 is for lovers — Anthony Scopatz mp4
Introduction to NumPy and Matplotlib — Eric Jones mp4
scikit-learn — Jake Vanderplas mp4