DjangoCon 2010


DjangoCon US is the main opportunity for djangonauts to come together in the United States. It will consist of two tracks of talks over three days, and will also provide for open sessions, lightning talks, and a development sprint after the conference.

DjangoCon US provides a critical opportunity for the community members to socialize, share ideas, work together, and plan for continued success.

Sept. 7, 2010
Number of videos:
Alice in Performanceland -- Down the Rabbit Hole with Frank Wiles — Frank Wiles x-flv
Alternative views x-flv
Breaking down the process of building a custom CMS — Brian Luft , Yann Malet x-flv
Customizing the Django Admin — Michael Trythall , Peter Baumgartner x-flv
Data Herding: How to Shepherd Your Flock Through Valleys of Darkness — Brian Luft x-flv
Domain Specific Frameworks - Why they rock and what can we do to get more of them — Sean O'Connor x-flv
DSF Announcements and Q&A — Dr. Russell Keith-Magee ogg
First steps in performance tuning — Dr. Russell Keith-Magee x-flv
How to sell Django x-flv
Large Problems in Django, Mostly Solved — Eric Holscher x-flv
Learning a new codebase — Justin Lilly x-flv
Lightning Talks - Day 1 x-flv
Making the leap to Django — Terry J. Owen x-flv
Maps of Imaginary Lands ogg
Massaging the Pony: Message Queues and You — Shawn Rider x-flv
Modeling challenges — Malcolm Tredinnick x-flv
Multi-database patterns — Malcolm Tredinnick x-flv
NoSQL and Django Panel x-flv
Pony Pwning x-flv
Rethinking the Reusable Application Paradigm — Alex Gaynor x-flv
Scaling the World's Largest Django Application x-flv
So you want to be a core developer? — Dr. Russell Keith-Magee x-flv
Sprints Kickoff — Dr. Russell Keith-Magee x-flv
State of Pinax x-flv
Step Away From That Database — Andrew Godwin x-flv
Switching from CakePHP to Django — Jeff Balogh ogg
Teaching an Old Pony New Tricks: Maintaining and Updating an Aging Django Project — Shawn Rider x-flv
Technical Design Panel x-flv
Topics of Interest — James Bennett x-flv
Treehugging — Brian Luft x-flv
Typewar: A Case Study — James Tauber x-flv
Welcome and Chairman's Address — Steve Holden x-flv
Why Django Sucks, and How We Can Fix It — Eric Florenzano x-flv