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Number of videos:
PyAtl Oct 2009: "Adding Excel-based Import and Export to Django" by Keyton Weissinger x-flv
PyAtl Oct 2009: "Django at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution" by Zellyn Hunter x-flv
PyAtl Oct 2009: "Gearman and Python" by Chris Heisel x-flv
PyAtl July 2009: Skylar Saveland talks about Pinax x-flv
PyAtl June 2009: Brandon Rhodes talks about TurboGears 2, Plone, and contentmirror x-flv
PyAtl June 2009: Nuts & Bolts, including ctypes, by Brandon Rhodes x-flv
PyAtl June 2009: Rick Tomas talks about Google Wave x-flv
PyAtl June 2009: Sim Harbert talks about Python Scripting on the Android x-flv
PyAtl May 2009: Brandon Rhodes gives an introduction to videoing and PyCon x-flv
PyAtl May 2009: Testing and Test Coverage with Nose, with Alfredo Deza x-flv