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Chicago Python user group

Number of videos:
Garbage Collection w/ Ref. Cycles — Aaron Brady mp4
Lexical Graphs with Natural Language Processing using NLTK — Brian Ray mp4
There were 986 roadway fatalities in Illinois in 2013. Where's the data? — Nick Bennett mp4
Storm (with python (and a side of clojure)) — Philip Doctor mp4
The Chicago Process: How Braintree Develops Software — Adam Forsyth mp4
CivicLab and Between the Bars — Benjamin Sugar mp4
Monoids in Python — Philip Doctor mp4
What happened at #aaronswhack? — Sheila Miguez mp4
Set it, and forget it! Auto Scale on Rackspace — Brian Curtin mp4
Asynchronous I/O in Python 3 — Feihong Hsu mp4
ipython / notebook demo — Jason Wirth mp4
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: C# is slightly better than you might imagine — Philip Doctor mp4
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: CoffeeScript — Feihong Hsu mp4
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Go: come drink the delicious kool-aid — David Sutton mp4
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Haskell or: How a List Comprehension Is Like a Burrito — Greg Kettler mp4
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: QUASI — Randy Baxley mp4
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Ruby — Ross Heflin mp4
Hy: A Lisp that transforms itself into the Python AST. — Christopher Webber mp4
In-project virtualenvs — Christopher Webber mp4
Open Science — Sheila Miguez mp4
Scraping from the Web: An Overview That Does Not Contain Too Much Cussing — Feihong Hsu mp4
Genie — Tal Liron mp4
Intro to Marmir: Spreadsheets on steroids mp4
SQLAlchemy: As She is Code, an opinionated Intro — Jordan Bettis mp4
MediaGoblin Update — Christopher Allan Webber mp4
Python 3.3.0 Release — Brian Curtin mp4
Event Driven Concurrency — Ben Toews mp4
Matplotlib Examples Uses — Greg Kettler mp4
Big Data De-duping — Derek Eder , Forest Gregg No downloadable files.
Playdoh — Kumar McMillan ogg mp4
GNU MediaGoblin for a federated media future — Christopher Allan Webber ogg mp4
Using OpenCV with Python and ROS — Bill Mania , Eric Kinzle ogg mp4
Python/Django deployment — Rohit Sankaran ogg
Reverse-engineering Ian Bicking's brain: inside pip and virtualenv. — Carl Meyer mp4 x-flv
Django Deployment for the Average Bloke — Carl Karsten ogg mp4
ROS - Robot Operating System — Bill Mania , Brian Ray ogg mp4
Vintage 1978 Superboard II hacking with some Python3 and ZeroMQ — David Beazley ogg mp4
Tox — Kumar McMillan mp4 x-flv
Programming with Twisted — Dan Griffen x-flv
PyPy and Unladen Swallow: Making your Python Fast — Alex Gaynor x-flv
Customizing the Django Admin x-flv
Using Python for Blender Animations — Christopher Allan Webber x-flv
Twiggy: A Pythonic Logger — Peter Fein ogg mp4
What's coming up in Python 2.7 ogg mp4
Changes to the GIL in Python 3 — David Beazley ogg
GitPython and Git Internals — Christopher Allan Webber ogg
Technical, standards-spec style analysis of Unicode — Jordan Bettis ogg
REST-ful Web apps with Django Piston ogg
Python for Scientific and High Performance Computing (1 of 4) x-flv
Python for Scientific and High Performance Computing (2 of 4) x-flv
Python for Scientific and High Performance Computing (3 of 4) x-flv
Python for Scientific and High Performance Computing (4 of 4) x-flv
Blender 2.5 loves Python 3 — Christopher Allan Webber ogg
Asynchronous vs. Threaded Python x-flv
Mindblowing Python GIL — David Beazley x-flv
Web Apps with Jython x-flv
ChiPy: Chicago Python User Group Jan. '08 Meeting No downloadable files.