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{ "category": "PyCon US 2012", "language": "English", "slug": "data-design-meaning", "speakers": [ "Idan Gazit" ], "tags": [], "id": 637, "state": 1, "title": "Data, Design, Meaning", "summary": "The ultimate goal of data visualization is to tell a story and supply meaning.\nThere are tools and science that can inform your choice of data to present and\nhow best to present it. We reflexively evaluate data and fit it into a\nnarrative which aids decisionmaking; learn how to take advantage of this\ntendency in order to deliver meaning, not just numbers and charts.\n\n", "description": "", "quality_notes": "", "copyright_text": "", "embed": "<object width=\"425\" height=\"344\"><param name=\"movie\" value=\";f=videos&amp;app=youtube_gdata\"><param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\"><param name=\"allowscriptaccess\" value=\"always\"><embed src=\";f=videos&amp;app=youtube_gdata\" allowscriptaccess=\"always\" height=\"344\" width=\"425\" allowfullscreen=\"true\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\"></embed></object>", "thumbnail_url": "", "duration": null, "video_ogv_length": null, "video_ogv_url": null, "video_ogv_download_only": false, "video_mp4_length": null, "video_mp4_url": null, "video_mp4_download_only": false, "video_webm_length": null, "video_webm_url": null, "video_webm_download_only": false, "video_flv_length": null, "video_flv_url": null, "video_flv_download_only": false, "source_url": "", "whiteboard": "", "recorded": "2012-03-09", "added": "2012-03-12T20:00:09", "updated": "2014-04-08T20:28:27.575" }