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{ "category": "PyCon US 2013", "language": "English", "slug": "saturday-morning-lightning-talks-0", "speakers": [ "Various" ], "tags": [ "lightningtalks" ], "id": 1854, "state": 1, "title": "Lightning Talks - Saturday morning", "summary": "Lightning talks from Saturday morning.", "description": "* [00:00](#t=0s) - ToRo (Tornado Coroutines) - Jesse Jiryu Davis\r\n* [04:45](#t=4m45s) - Retask: Queue for Humans - Kushal Das\r\n* [09:15](#t=9m15s) - Pythonic Andragogy: Python for Adults - Kirby Urner\r\n* [16:00](#t=16m) - How and why a Java expert switched to Python - Ron Cox\r\n* [22:10](#t=22m10s) - Coding across America - Andrew\r\n* [25:05](#t=25m9s) - - Justin Abrahms\r\n* [26:58](#t=26m58s) - Jesse Noller interlude\r\n* [30:30](#t=30m30s) - PyCharm - Dmitry Jemerov\r\n* [36:10](#t=36m10s) - NASperry Pi - Mark Ransom\r\n* [41:30](#t=41m30s) - NES, JavaScript and a Browser - ?\r\n* [46:05](#t=46m5s) - EuroSciPy 2013: Come to our conference! - Mike M\u00fcller\r\n* [48:07](#t=48m7s) - PyWeek: Join our week and write a game! - Richard Jones\r\n* [51:13](#t=51m13s) - Don't make people watch what you type - Stuart Williams\r\n* [54:00](#t=54m) - Job Security (in Python) - Christopher Neugebauer\r\n* [59:09](#t=59m9s) - Using Python to make universal education truly universal: KA Lite - Jamie Alexandre", "quality_notes": "Timecode links don't work with YouTube. See . Sound is buzzy at various points.", "copyright_text": "CC BY-SA", "embed": "<object width=\"640\" height=\"390\"><param name=\"movie\" value=\";hl=en_US\"></param><param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\"></param><param name=\"allowscriptaccess\" value=\"always\"></param><embed src=\";hl=en_US\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" width=\"640\" height=\"390\" allowscriptaccess=\"always\" allowfullscreen=\"true\"></embed></object>", "thumbnail_url": "", "duration": null, "video_ogv_length": null, "video_ogv_url": "", "video_ogv_download_only": false, "video_mp4_length": null, "video_mp4_url": "", "video_mp4_download_only": true, "video_webm_length": null, "video_webm_url": "", "video_webm_download_only": false, "video_flv_length": null, "video_flv_url": "", "video_flv_download_only": false, "source_url": "", "whiteboard": "", "recorded": "2013-03-16", "added": "2013-03-31T19:33:34", "updated": "2014-04-08T20:28:26.651" }