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{ "videos": [ "", "", "", "", "", "", "" ], "title": "Chicago Djangonauts", "description": "We meet periodically at various locations throughout Chicagoland to talk of things Django. Since the group's reanimation in 2011, we've met several times at Imaginary Landscape, enjoyed a private tour of Metropolitan Brewing, eaten many pizzas and waxed poetic about our favorite framework.\r\n\r\nMost of our ongoing conversation takes place the Chicago Djangonauts Google Group. Please follow the link and join the discussion.\r\n\r\nThe closest thing we have to an organizer is Brian Moloney. Feel free to contact him directly (brian at imagescape dot com) if you find a briefcase full of cash that needs safekeeping.", "url": "", "start_date": null, "whiteboard": "", "slug": "chicago-djangonauts", "added": "2013-05-03T16:24:11" }